"Ross. Your son, my lord, has paid a soldier's debt: 
He only lived but till he was a man; 
The which no sooner had his prowess confirm'd 
In the unshrinking station where he fought, 
But like a man he died."

                    - MACBETH  Act V, Scene 8
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 Mr. Rashed Chowdhury:

 I just finished "A Soldier's Debt" this morning. With the last salvos of his artillery batteries on 12-15-1971  young captain Rahed led the victorious Mukti Bahanis to enter Dakha the following day. It was the Victory Day  for Bangladesh.

 In my opinion, captain Rashed had paid his soldier's debt.

 It is a fascinating book and you are a great story teller. I feel privileged that you shared your story with me.

 Tue Phan-Quang, Judge retired